Iron flow battery maker ESS Inc using NASDAQ-listed SPAC to go public

Iron electrolyte flow battery company ESS Inc has become the latest energy storage industry player to target public listing of its stock, announcing a merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). The US company told that a definitive agreement has been entered into for a business combination with ACON S2 Acquisition Corp, a … Continued

SoftBank Expects First Gigawatt of US Solar in Operation by Next Year

The head of SoftBank’s renewable energy subsidiary, SB Energy Global Holdings, says his firm is committed to growing its presence in international clean energy markets despite ongoing financial struggles at the parent company — and new ones stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. “SoftBank is not exiting the solar business or the renewables business,” SB Energy Global … Continued

5 Tangible Advances for Long-Duration Energy Storage in 2019

Following long-duration storage is like rooting for a home team that’s always about to win next year. Lithium-ion batteries utterly dominate grid storage deployments these days. That’s great for the cost decline narrative, in the way that cheap Chinese photovoltaic cells produced a massive expansion in solar deployments. But cost obsession results in technology lock-in, … Continued

SoftBank expands U.S. holdings with massive solar buy

Japanese conglomerate SoftBank is known for many things, including the renewable energy ambitions of its colorful billionaire CEO, Masayoshi Son. But it is coming to be known as a big owner of U.S. solar as well. Yesterday subsidiary SB Energy announced that it will acquire a portfolio of five solar projects under development by Intersect Power, an … Continued

Softbank’s SB Energy among investors in US$30m Series C for ‘all-iron’ flow battery

Softbank Group’s SB Energy subsidiary is among investors that contributed to a successful US$30 million Series C funding round for ESS Inc, a US-headquartered manufacturer of iron flow batteries that use a proprietary saltwater electrolyte. ESS Inc emailed yesterday to announce that the sum has been secured in an investment round led by SB Energy and Breakthrough … Continued