SB Energy team members share a belief in pursuing our mission in such a way that empowers a diverse and inclusive workforce that advances social justice and equity for our employees as well as partners and communities. To deliver on this, we are committed to creating an environment grounded in mutual respect and genuine understanding as we educate ourselves and others about the effects of prejudice or bias as we engage with the communities in which we work.

At SB Energy, this means believing we are as strong as the communities we serve. Supporting them is part of our core operation. By giving back whenever and however we can, together with our ecosystem of contractors and partners, we have found ways to help our communities weather the storms and emerge stronger.

In an effort to continue SB Energy’s pursuit towards building an increasingly diverse and inclusive team, the Increasing Diversity Subcommittee of Just Renewables launched a voluntary company-wide survey to collect additional team insights. The intent of this survey was to collect meaningful, self-declared individual information to learn more about the team’s diverse identities, which is an important part of our growth and contributes to our company’s efforts towards building a diverse team, and fair and equitable people practices at all levels. This team also celebrates various cultural and historical events to increase awareness about important aspects of our core identities. Increasing diversity of our  and industry, is one of its most pertinent initiatives.

Our initiatives have so far included donations towards mental health sponsorships, virtual wellness and educational sessions at our project sites; collaborating with local county officials to provide plant tours for elementary school kids (safely), donating supplies to schools, assessing possibilities of installing solar modules at school campuses and educating employees on including minority owned businesses for potential future partnerships.

We believe success is created through a diverse workforce with unique ideas, cultural backgrounds, and perspectives. As such, we have promoted an inclusive environment to share and create ideas, experiences and opportunities. While there is always work to be done, we are proud of the role we are playing to help close the racial and gender equity gaps across our industry and beyond – starting with ourselves. Together we will continue to find ways to challenge the status quo and leverage our differences to build a more equitable future for all.