Leading in Innovation
SB Energy develops, constructs, owns and operates some of the most technically advanced large-scale renewable projects across the United States. Our experienced team and deep partnerships across development, financing, construction, and operations bring strong execution and innovative practices to each of our projects, enableding SB Energy to rapidly scale. With the combination of operating assets, a large and growing pipeline, investments in AI and forward-looking technology – SB Energy’s amazing team have made it a unique leader in the solar market.

SB Energy continues to build a large development pipeline of solar and energy storage projects in an expanding network across the US, enabling us to provide our customers with flexible renewable energy at scale. SB Energy deploys and invests in new technologies to make renewable energy more efficient, reliable and accessible – from AI and digital capabilities to long-duration energy storage solutions from valued partner ESS, Inc. which produces iron-based batteries.



Our Projects – By the Numbers
To explore our current sites in operation and development, you can view all SBE projects here

Solar, but Smarter
Using market and plant operations data, SB Energy has developed proprietary applications that optimize our renewable plants. Through these apps, we are able to oversee the operations of our power plants, provide real time analytics, aid in the mapping of our project proposals and much more. The result is an incredibly advanced and efficient operations system that ensures our projects are as optimized and profitable as possible.